We will be serving Valentine’s Day Omakase Tasting Course on February 12 (Fri) – 14 (Sun), 2016.

Omakase Late-Winter 2016 ($65 per guest: min 2)

Our 8-course Omakase Tasting Menu changes every season to showcase the best ingredients at the time. Omakase needs to be ordered by 11pm (10:30pm on Sundays). Please notify us of any dietary restrictions prior to ordering. Items marked with * are not available as a la carte.

Miso Soup

Chilled Plate

  • – 本日のお刺身
    Sashimi of the Day*
    Best fish of the day in the market
  • – 鰆の南蛮漬け
    Sawara Nanban-zuke*
    Sawara spanish mackerel : Fried and pickled in Japanese sweet vinegar sauce topped with Naganegi scallions and red pepper.
  • – 鮟肝の旨煮
    Monkfish Foie Gras*
    Ankimo (Monkfish liver) is a winter delicacy prized as foie gras of the sea: Simmered in rich dashi broth and topped with thinly sliced daikon radish and chives.
  • – しめじと水菜のおひたし
    Shimeji & Mizuna Ohitashi*
    Shimeji mushroom and Mizuna water cress in chilled dashi broth: Scented with winter yuzu peel.

Zenkichi Salad
Homemade tofu, baby greens, tofu croutons, sesame dressing
(contains nuts including peanuts)

Hokkaido Zuwai Crab Tempura*
Zuwai crab from Hokkaido wrapped with Oba shiso leaf and Shishito green pepper tempura: served with tempura dipping sauce with grated daikon radish and ginger.

Saikyo Miso Cod*
Grilled black cod in Kyoto miso marinade.

Lamb Chop*
Rock salt and coarse black pepper: Served with homemade grated apples, onions, garlic and ginger.

Oyster Takikomi Gohan*
Cooked rice seasoned with oysters, fried-tofu and Shimeji mushroom: topped with Mitsuba leaf.

Homemade Dessert
Choose one item per person

  • グレープフルーツの寒天ジュレ
    Grapefruit Agar Gelee
    Tart agar jelly made with Japanese seaweed (no gelatin)
  • 峰岡豆腐
    Mineoka Tofu
    Milk pudding (made with heavy cream and Japanese kudzu root starch, no soymilk): Azuki red beans & strawberries
  • 黒胡麻のフローズンチョコレートムース
    Frozen Black Sesame Mousse
    Chocolate-based silky frozen sesame mousse
  • 胡桃のチョコレートプリン
    Walnut Chocolate Pudding
    Rich & creamy dark chocolate pudding with roasted walnuts

With your dessert…
Single Malt Truffle*
Dark chocolate truffle infused with single malt whisky


A la carte Menu

Three to four items per person is suggested, if ordering from our small plates a la carte menu.

Sake Accompaniments & Chilled Plates

枝豆 (茶豆) 4.95
Chilled Edamame
Chamame black soy beans

鰹 酒盗 5.95
Bonito Shuto
Aged bonito fish: For Japanese and adventurous eaters only!
Enjoy in small licks and chase with sake (+2 cream cheese)

たこわさび 5.95
Tako Wasabi
Wasabi-cured octopus

ひじき 4.95
Japanese seaweed simmered in sweet sake and soy sauce

海藻の酢の物 6.95
Seaweed Sunomono
Vegetable & seaweed in
bonito-vinegar broth

手作り豆腐 鰹だし淡醤油7.95
Cold Fresh Tofu
Fresh & silky homemade tofu served with light dashi sauce

本日のお薦め刺身 MP
Raw Jewel of the Day
Today’s selection of sashimi or oysters: ask your server

ぜんきちサラダ 13.95
Zenkichi Salad
Homemade tofu, baby greens, sesame dressing (contains nuts including peanuts)

鴨と温泉卵のサラダ 16.95
Sweet Duck Salad
Simmered duck, soft egg, baby greens, sweet duck dressing (contains walnuts)

Maguro Carpaccio
Medium tuna sashimi:
green yuzu pepper sauce


海老と日本茄子のはさみ揚げ 12.95
Shrimp & Nasu Tempura
Shrimp in cod fishcake tucked in between sliced Japanese eggplant

Vegetable Tempura

Kuruma Ebi Tempura
Black tiger shrimp tempura: Minimum 2 pcs per order

Anago & Cream Cheese Tempura
Cream cheese wrapped with soft seawater eel

Potato Mochi
Deep fried potato rice cake served with spicy mayonnaise

名古屋風手羽 8.95
Nagoya Teba Wings
Crispy chicken wings with special blend of Japanese spices.

Camembert & Shrimp Corn Tempura

Grilled, Roasted & Simmered
日本茄子の白味噌田楽 11.95
Grilled Nasu Dengaku
Grilled Japanese eggplant topped with house-blend white miso

Rocksalt Jidori Chicken
Simply grilled free-range chicken enjoyed in 3 ways: by itself, with lemon, or with yuzu pepper

Grilled or Simmered Fish of the Day

Grilled Saikyo
Black Cod
Kyoto miso marinade

Lamb Chop Tataki
Rock salt & coarse black pepper: ginger onion soy sauce

竹筒つくね 温泉卵添え10.95
Tsukune Chicken
Japanese chicken meatball on bamboo served with
soft egg dipping sauce

Rice & Noodles

Miso Soup

焼おむすび 5.95
Grilled Riceball
Choice of: Chicken miso or spicy cod roe mayonnaise

Hot Udon
Wakame seaweed, poached egg, bonito-dashi broth

Homemade Desserts $6.95

Frozen Black Sesame Mousse
Chocolate-based silky frozen sesame mousse

Mineoka Milk Tofu
Heavy cream and kudzu starch (no soymilk): strawberries, Azuki red beans, white chocolate

Grapefruit Agar Gelee
Refreshingly tart agar jelly made with Japanese seaweed
(no gelatin) served in scooped-out grapefruit

Walnut Chocolate Pudding
Rich & creamy dark chocolate pudding
with roasted walnuts